Quality comes first

Mette Olesen’s office looks directly towards the sea which provides Engelsviken with shellfish and fish to be processed and sold on the international market by the company

Mette is responsible for the quality control procedures of the company and holds a degree in Energy Engineering, specifically Mechatronic Control Engineering, from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Copenhagen.

After her graduation, Mette applied for jobs in Copenhagen, central Jutland as well as northern Jutland where she grew up. Move North, however, paved the way for her job at Engelsviken:

“I registered my resume at Movenorth.dk, and through the agency of Kåre Holdt Madsen of Move North Engelsviken’s CEO contacted me after reading my resume. I was invited for an interview at the company premises in Skagen and employed as Quality Manager as of 1 March 2019. The job is challenging and ensures continuous professional and personal growth on my part. Procedures that involved three students at university are now my sole responsibility. Once you take the plunge, you learn from it”, Mette Olesen concludes.

Mette Olesen has moved to Frederikshavn but she doesn’t miss Copenhagen – apart from the broad selection of cinemas and numerous film premieres in the capital.

“The sea and the forest are never far away in northern Jutland. There is ample opportunity for an active and social lifestyle and people are friendly. Personally, I’m on Sæby’s first division handball team, and I’m considering joining a running club. It’s a good place to start when you are new in town”.

Michael deals with the whole world

Time has passed swiftly since January 2018 when Michael Kjølby joined Translyft

With a MA in Culture, Communication and Globalization, he uses his skill sets every day as a Sales and Service Advisor:

“My position requires comprehensive knowledge of the broad range of products and services which this company produces and delivers to customers all over the world. Every day is different as 80 per cent of our solutions are custom-made. There are new things to consider all the time, and I also get new areas of responsibility. That’s extremely educative”, Michael Kjølby explains.

Kåre Holdt Madsen, recruitment officer in Move North arranged the initial contact between Michael Kjølby and Translyft:

“I uploaded my resume to Move North’s database at some point. Kåre forwarded the resume to Translyft’s CEO. Initially, I was employed in a wage subsidy position in order to assess whether the company and I were a good fit. After two months, we signed the contract of employment. Translyft is a really interesting company and you gain an insight into everything that goes on, and I feel that company is very attentive to our input and includes us in the process”, Michael Kjølby, an Aalborg-Dybvad commuter, states.

“Moreover, it is really a great advantage that the company premises are so easily accessible. The commute is not more timeconsuming that driving in the city centre of Aalborg in the morning rush hour traffic.”

Mission green transition

Louise Groth works for a sustainable shipping trade

Two years before her graduation, Louise Groth talked to recruitment officer Kåre Holdt Madsen, Move North, at a career event for graduates at Aalborg University. Once graduated, she found Kåre’s business card during her job hunt and gave him a call:

”A couple of days after our conversation Kåre got back to me with several potential job leads. ME Production was looking for a graduate with my qualifications and I signed the employment contract within two weeks. My first day at work was 3 September 2019 and after six weeks of introduction to scrubbers I was entrusted with the responsibility for documenting the electrical control systems of the company”, Louise Groth explains.

As someone who grew up in a maritime family, Louise feels she is employed in the perfect industry:
“Getting out into the real world entails a huge professional development as things are done very differently in real life compared to the university. You learn the talk of the trade, and as control systems develop all the time, you grow as well. I have actual responsibilities in the company and everything I do is needed urgently. The pace of development within the field of scrubbers and control systems is very high. Whatever the future brings I would like to keep being a part of the journey. The scrubber technology is needed and I am very pleased to work in an industry contributing to the green transition and an improved environment.”

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