More than work

It isn’t just business that’s thriving. Our culture is as well.

Sports, music, culture and nature

It isn’t just business that’s thriving. Our culture is as well.
There is plenty happening culturally when you aren’t working, and there are heaps of experiences waiting for you. We don’t have the space to list them all, but here are some top suggestions:

Arena Nord

Big games. Big concerts.

Det Musiske Hus

Theater, music, lectures and art.


Culture, exhibitions and opinions.

Rock in Frederikshavn

12 hours non-stop in June.

Kappelborg, Skagen

Cinema, concerts and music school.

Day and night

Smaller bars and music places.


6 courses – 108 holes.


The best running routes in the country?


As if it was made for our nature.

Ice hockey

Part of our DNA.

Road cycling

The best routes on asphalt and gravel.

Water sports

Sailing, harbour and marine life.

Sports and Work life

Everybody is welcome.

We are ready for you!


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