Your other half?

Employment assistance for partners, etc. We can help you.

Your other half?

Even though you found the job of your dreams chances are you won’t relocate on the spot. Not without thinking it through. The questions are many:
  • What about the other half? Are there interesting job opportunities for her/him?
  • What about accommodation, a house or apartment, land value tax, terraces and sea views?
  • Not to mention childcare, schools, maternity services and waiting lists?

Even though the questions may be identical, we know that the answers are not. Experience has taught us that no two lives are the same – we are all different.

Call Kåre!

That’s why you should meet Kåre Holdt Madsen. He will be happy to answer any questions you might have and will ensure that every nuance and detail is picked up. Because even though the written word is great, it can’t beat a personal chat, and that is precisely what Kåre can provide.

Kåre will also help accompanying partners find work and act as a link with local businesses, authorities and institutions. You name it.

We are ready for you!


Please give Kåre a call if you are seeking any information and advise about your opportunities in Frederikshavn. Kåre is your connection to the businesses, institutions etc. and will also help your other half getting a job if needed.


Contact Kåre Holdt Madsen,
Telephone: (+45) 2114 6506