Modern American Recycling Services

Site Manager at M.A.R.S. Europe

M.A.R.S. Europe is located in Frederikshavn and are specialized in onshore desommissioning, disposal, and recycling of offshore and maritime structures.
As a site manager you are working in a team of four site managers, who are responsible for the daily work at the yard. The site manager monitors the work progress and divide the yard workers into designated teams. Daily reports and communication with CEO and Project Manager.

We are currently looking for a site manager who is responsible for our burner team at the ground level. The burner team consists of workers using flame cutting torches for cutting of large steel sections into smaller pieces, riggers who assist crane operators in lifting of the sections, and machine operators who are moving the sections and sweaping the site.

• Division of tasks among teams and supervisors
• Monitor productivity
• Plan work to ensure maximum safety and efficiency
• Plan overtime
• Approve time registrations from Yard workers
• Coordinate with external workers and subcontractors

Preferred skills & experience
• Relevant education to plan and approve cutting of heavy steel sections, e.g. marine engineer or lift coordinator
• 2+ years experience as team leader, foreman or department manager
• Interest in heavy industry (O&G, Marine, Heavy Liftings)
• Fluent in English

Please send your CV and application to